Job Interview Skills Training Course by Legal Nanny Services 

Confidence And Self Belief Are Two Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Anybody And The Aim Of Angel Care Institute Is To Provide The Self Esteem That Is So Often Sadly Lacking.

The personality development program provides you with the confidence to enter into any social or corporate situation and to shine. First impressions are as important as ever and the lasting skills you will take away from this course will ensure your success. This course is about improving yourself, for yourself.


  • Why Are You The Best Candidate For This Job?​
  • What Hours Are You Willing And Able To Work?
  • Why Do You Want This Job?
  • How Many Years Have You Been In Childcare? With What Age Groups Have You Worked? What Length Of Time Have You Been With Each Family?
  • What Was The Best Babysitting Experience You've Had? What Was It That Made That Experience So Meaningful To You?
  • What Was The Worst Childcare Experience You've Had? What Was It That Made That Experience So Difficult For You?
  • What Kind Of Activities Will You Do With Children This Age?
  • How Do You Handle Problems That Arise Behaviorally And Emotionally With Kids This Age?
  • What Is The Proper Way To Redirect A Child's Behavior Or Discipline A Child?
  • What Would You Do If (Our Child, Aged 4) Falls, Skins His Knee, And Is Bleeding And Crying?
  • Would You Tell Me How You Would Manage Getting Three Pre-Schoolers Ready For School (I. E. , Washing, Dressing, Feeding, Etc. ) And Getting Them To School On Time?
  • Under What Circumstances Would You Call 911? When Would You Simply Call The Doctor?
  • Under What Circumstances Is It Ok To Have Your Boyfriend Over While You Are Babysitting?
  • Under What Circumstances Is It Ok To Text Or Use Your Phone While You're Caring For Our Child?
  • Do You Cook? Are You Willing To Prepare Meals For The Children Or For The Family?
  • Are You Willing To Do Housekeeping?
  • Do You Have Your Own Transportation? Are You Willing To Transport Our Children To Various Activities?
  • What Education Or Training Do You Have That Is Job-Relevant? Would You Be Willing To Attend Child Development Classes Or Become CPR Certified?
  • Have You Ever Been Convicted Of Or Plead Guilty Or No Contest To A Felony Or Job-Related Misdemeanor?
  • Would You Be Willing To Sign Authorizations For Us To Perform Background Checks On You?
  • Are You Authorized To Work In The United States?
  • What Pay Rate Are You Expecting?
  • Do You Have Any Questions For Us?